Publisher Rocket Review: How to Boost Your Book’s Visibility

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Publisher Rocket is this tool that’s supposed to help authors get their books noticed on Amazon. Honestly, trying to figure out the best keywords or categories can feel like you’re just throwing stuff at the wall to see what sticks. Publisher Rocket is here to make sense of that mess.

It gives you a peek into what’s working on Amazon, like what keywords are helping books sell and how you can use them too. It’s not about gaming the system but about understanding the rules of the game. Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve got a few books under your belt but they’re not getting the attention you think they deserve, Publisher Rocket has some neat tricks to share.

In this Publisher Rocket review, we’re diving into what it offers, how to use it, and whether it’s worth your time and money. This isn’t about making over-the-top promises. It’s about seeing if Publisher Rocket can actually help you in the practical, day-to-day work of selling more books.

Publisher Rocket Review

Publisher Rocket Review

Publisher Rocket is a tool specifically designed for authors and publishers who want to improve their book’s visibility on Amazon. It’s straightforward: if you’re looking to get your book in front of more eyes, this is a tool that aims to help you do just that.

When you start using Publisher Rocket, you’ll notice it provides detailed insights into keywords, competition, and the market.

This isn’t about guessing which words will make your book stand out as Publisher Rocket offers data to back up its suggestions. For example, it tells you how many people are searching for certain terms and what kind of competition you’re up against.

One of the best things about Publisher Rocket is how it breaks down complex information into clear, actionable advice.

It’s not just throwing numbers at you but it’s guiding you on how to use those numbers to make better decisions about your book titles, descriptions, and marketing strategies.

Another point worth mentioning is its category selection feature.

Choosing the right Amazon category can be a game-changer for your book’s success. Publisher Rocket helps by showing which categories are less competitive, increasing your chances of becoming a bestseller.

The tool also includes a feature for researching profitable keywords for Amazon ads.

This means if you’re planning to promote your book through Amazon’s advertising platform, Publisher Rocket can help you pick keywords that could lead to more effective ad campaigns.

While Publisher Rocket is a powerful tool, it’s important to remember that it’s not a magic wand. Success still depends on writing great books and implementing solid marketing strategies. However, Publisher Rocket does offer valuable insights that could save you time and help make your marketing efforts more efficient.

In any case, for any author or publisher looking to navigate Amazon’s competitive landscape, Publisher Rocket offers a suite of features designed to enhance your book’s visibility.

Its user-friendly interface and insightful data make it a worthy investment for those serious about maximizing their book’s potential.

How Does Publisher Rocket Work

Publisher Rocket is a software tool that authors and publishers can use directly from their computers. It’s designed to simplify the often overwhelming process of book marketing on Amazon.

Here’s a breakdown of its operation:

  1. Keyword Research: At its core, Publisher Rocket helps you find the keywords that potential readers are using to search for books on Amazon. You enter a general idea or term, and Publisher Rocket generates a list of related keywords, complete with data on how many people search for these terms, competition levels, and estimated earnings for books ranking in those keywords. This helps you understand what readers are looking for and how you can tailor your book’s listing to meet those searches.
  2. Competition Analysis: Publisher Rocket doesn’t just stop at keywords. It also gives you an insight into your competition. By analyzing the top books that appear for each keyword, Publisher Rocket provides information on their estimated sales, price, number of reviews, and Amazon Best Seller Rank (ABSR). This allows you to gauge how hard it might be to rank for certain keywords and what successful competitors are doing right.
  3. Category Selection: Choosing the right categories on Amazon can significantly impact your book’s visibility. Publisher Rocket offers a feature that lists all the Amazon book categories and subcategories, along with vital information like the number of books you need to outsell to be the #1 bestseller in that category, or even just to make it into the top 10. This makes selecting categories less of a guesswork and more of a strategic decision.
  4. AMS Keyword Generation: For those interested in running Amazon Advertising campaigns, Publisher Rocket can generate a list of keywords to use in your ads. These are tailored to your book and the research you’ve done, designed to help your advertising reach the most interested readers effectively.

To use Publisher Rocket, you simply download and install the software on your computer. Its user-friendly interface guides you through each step, whether you’re doing keyword research, analyzing competition, selecting categories, or preparing for an Amazon ad campaign.

In essence, Publisher Rocket works by taking the vast amount of data available on Amazon and organizing it into actionable insights for authors and publishers.

Key Features of Publisher Rocket

Key Features of Publisher Rocket

One of the standout features of Publisher Rocket is its keyword research tool. This feature is all about understanding what potential readers are typing into the Amazon search bar when looking for their next read. Similar to Automateed’s feature for niche and subniche brainstorming.

It’s not just about guessing which words relate to your book, but getting data-driven insights into exactly how many people are searching for those terms, and even better, how you could rank for them.

Then there’s the competition analysis aspect. Publisher Rocket gives you detailed information about your competitors’ books, such as their sales volume, number of reviews, and pricing strategy.

This kind of information can be invaluable when deciding how to position your own book in the market.

Another key feature that deserves a mention is category selection.

Publisher Rocket doesn’t just offer a list of categories, it also provides the nitty-gritty details like how many books you’d need to outperform to hit the #1 spot in any given category, or what it takes to at least land in the top 10.

This feature is crucial because picking the right category can dramatically increase your book’s visibility and potential for sales.

Last but definitely not least, for those looking to advertise, the AMS Keyword Generation tool is a game-changer.

It takes the headache out of trying to figure out which keywords to use in your Amazon advertising campaigns by generating a list of effective keywords tailored to your book and the market research you’ve conducted with Publisher Rocket.

This means your ads are more likely to reach readers genuinely interested in what you have to offer, making your advertising budget work harder for you.

Together, these features make Publisher Rocket a powerful ally for any author or publisher aiming to navigate the competitive landscape of Amazon.

It simplifies complex market research tasks and offers actionable insights, allowing you to focus more on what you love—writing and creating—while still giving your books the best chance to succeed.

Benefits of Using Publisher Rocket

When you start using Publisher Rocket, one of the first things you’ll notice is how it demystifies the process of getting your book noticed on Amazon. This tool does a lot of the heavy lifting in terms of research and analysis, which brings several key benefits to the table.

First up, understanding and finding the right keywords with Publisher Rocket can significantly increase your book’s visibility. By targeting what readers are actually searching for, you’re not just throwing your book out into the void and hoping for the best.

Instead, you’re placing it right where readers can find it. This can lead to more clicks, more sales, and ultimately, a higher ranking on Amazon.

Another benefit is the competitive edge you gain from the competition analysis feature.

Knowledge is power, as they say, and knowing what the top-performing books in your category are doing allows you to adopt successful strategies or find untapped opportunities to stand out.

Choosing the right categories with the help of Publisher Rocket is another advantage that can’t be overstated. Being visible in the right category means you’re more likely to reach readers who are interested in your book.

Lastly, for those venturing into Amazon ads, the AMS Keyword Generation tool simplifies creating effective ad campaigns.

This means you’re not just spending money on ads and hoping they work; you’re investing in ads that are based on solid, targeted keyword research. This can make your ad spend more efficient and increase the return on your investment by driving more relevant traffic to your book page.

The benefits of using Publisher Rocket boil down to saving time, reducing guesswork, and making more informed decisions that can lead to increased sales and visibility for your book on Amazon.

Limitations and Considerations

While Publisher Rocket offers a suite of powerful tools for authors and publishers looking to navigate Amazon’s marketplace more effectively, it’s important to recognize that it has its limitations and there are certain considerations to keep in mind.

One of the primary considerations is the learning curve associated with any new tool. Even though Publisher Rocket is designed to be user-friendly, getting the most out of its features requires spending some time understanding how it works and how to interpret the data it provides.

This means authors and publishers need to be prepared to invest time upfront to truly benefit from the tool.

Another limitation is that Publisher Rocket focuses on Amazon. While Amazon is a giant in the book selling industry, it’s not the only platform out there.

Authors who want to optimize their presence across other platforms like Barnes & Noble, Kobo, or Apple Books might need to look for additional tools or strategies to complement what they’re doing on Amazon.

Additionally, while Publisher Rocket does an excellent job at providing data and insights, it’s crucial to remember that it cannot replace the need for a solid marketing plan.

The tool can guide you towards making decisions about keywords, categories, and competition, but the actual marketing and promotion of the book still rest on the author or publisher’s shoulders.

This includes activities like building an author platform, engaging with readers on social media, and securing book reviews.

Finally, the dynamics of the Amazon marketplace are always changing. Publisher Rocket is regularly updated to reflect these changes, but users should be aware that what works today might not work tomorrow.

Staying adaptable and continuing to learn about the latest in book marketing and Amazon’s algorithms is essential for long-term success.

Publisher Rocket vs. Other Writing Tools

Publisher Rocket stands out for its specific focus on optimizing book visibility and sales on Amazon. However, comparing it with other tools can help highlight its unique features and potential limitations.

Let’s look at how Publisher Rocket stacks up against three other writing tools: Scrivener, KDP Rocket, and Kindle Spy (KDSpy).

Publisher Rocket vs. Scrivener

Scrivener is a software designed for writers to organize their work, offering a range of features for drafting and structuring novels, research papers, screenplays, and other written works.

Unlike Publisher Rocket, which is focused on the marketing and sales aspect of book publishing, Scrivener is all about the writing process. It helps authors compile research, create outlines, and write in a distraction-free environment.

While Scrivener is an essential tool for the creation phase, Publisher Rocket complements it in the publication and marketing phases, offering insights into market trends, keywords, and competition on Amazon.

Publisher Rocket vs. Kindle Spy (KDSpy)

Kindle Spy (KDSpy) is another tool designed to assist authors and publishers in navigating the Amazon marketplace. It operates directly within the Chrome browser as an extension, offering convenience and quick access to data on Amazon’s ebook market.

KDSpy focuses on analyzing top-selling books in particular genres, giving insights into how successful books are structured in terms of length, pricing, and categorization.

While both Publisher Rocket and KDSpy offer market research capabilities, Publisher Rocket provides a more in-depth analysis, including detailed keyword research and competition analysis, which are crucial for authors looking to optimize their Amazon listings for maximum visibility and sales.

Each tool serves a unique role in the journey of writing, publishing, and marketing a book. Ultimately, the choice between these tools depends on the specific needs and goals of the author or publisher, from drafting their work to ensuring it reaches the right audience on Amazon.

Who Should Use Publisher Rocket?

Who Should Use Publisher Rocket

Publisher Rocket is a tool with a broad appeal, tailored to meet the needs of various individuals in the publishing industry. Here’s a closer look at who can benefit from using Publisher Rocket:

  • Independent Authors: Self-published authors stand to gain significantly from Publisher Rocket. It equips them with market insights that can help refine their book titles, descriptions, and select keywords that increase their book’s visibility and sales potential on Amazon. For an indie author managing all aspects of publishing, this tool offers a significant advantage in a competitive marketplace.
  • Published Authors with a Publisher: Authors who have their books published through traditional publishing houses can also benefit from Publisher Rocket. They can share insights and data with their marketing teams to craft more effective promotional strategies and ensure their book reaches its target audience more effectively.
  • Publishers: Small to medium publishing houses can use Publisher Rocket to streamline their market research process. It provides them with valuable data on market trends, competition, and keyword effectiveness, which can inform marketing strategies for their entire catalogue.
  • Book Marketers and Promotion Services: Professionals tasked with marketing books and promoting authors will find Publisher Rocket an invaluable resource. It simplifies the process of identifying competitive keywords and profitable niches, making their promotional campaigns more targeted and effective.
  • New Authors: Those just starting their writing and publishing journey can benefit from the insights Publisher Rocket provides. Understanding the marketplace, knowing what readers are searching for, and learning how to make a book stand out are crucial pieces of knowledge that Publisher Rocket offers to new authors.


To wrap up this Publisher Rocket review, it’s clear that this tool offers a unique set of features for authors and publishers aiming to navigate the complexities of Amazon’s marketplace. With its comprehensive data analysis, Publisher Rocket demystifies the process of book marketing, making it more accessible and actionable.

For those looking to enhance their book’s visibility, improve sales, and understand their market better, Publisher Rocket proves to be an indispensable resource. Its user-friendly interface and in-depth market insights make it a valuable asset in any author or publisher’s toolkit.

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