About Us


The Artistic Soul Behind Our Courses

Crafted with Passion

Mell possesses a unique blend of artistic flair and dedication. With hands that seem to magically transform yarn into intricate knit designs and fabric into bespoke garments, her love for knitting and sewing knows no bounds. Mell’s craftsmanship isn’t just limited to threads and needles; her creativity spans across everything she touches.

The Face of Our Journey

If you’ve ever taken a course from us, Mell’s face is likely the first thing that comes to mind. Her charismatic presence and the soothing cadence of her voice have made her the face and voice behind all our courses. It’s no exaggeration to say that Mell has a certain charm that resonates with people, making learning an engaging and delightful experience.

A Voracious Reader

When she’s not crafting or presenting, Mell can be found lost in the pages of a good book. Her love for reading not only fuels her imagination but also brings a depth of knowledge and perspective to our ventures.

Hand in Hand with Stefan

From the initial steps of Stefan’s business journey to the heights they’ve reached today, Mell has been an unwavering pillar of support and collaboration. Their partnership, both in business and life, is a testament to their combined strength, complementing each other’s skills and passions perfectly.


From a Small Village to AI Entrepreneur

The Beginnings

Born and raised in a quaint village in Serbia, my early life was marked by limited opportunities and an uncertain future. I initially chose to study law, believing it would be my ticket to a brighter future. But the academic world wasn’t what I imagined. I found myself disillusioned with the traditional education system, feeling that much of it was, bluntly put, “bullshit”.

The Struggles

Amidst the challenges of not graduating and the financial instability that ensued, there was one constant – Mell. My rock, my anchor, and a colossal part of my journey. She stood by me through thick and thin, always supporting my business ventures.

With no financial support from my family, I turned to freelancing. My initial foray into writing was average at best, but with time, perseverance, and a lot of learning, I honed my craft. My efforts culminated in the establishment of an agency with 20 writers, which became my first taste of real success.

The Triumphs

From selling my first blog for a whopping $42,000 within a year to launching multiple businesses, my entrepreneurial journey has been a rollercoaster. And yes, it wasn’t always smooth sailing. 2020 was particularly challenging when payment processor issues left me with barely enough to survive a month. But every setback was a setup for a bigger comeback.

The AI Revolution

My challenges led me to explore the world of Artificial Intelligence. Founding Promptsty and later Automateed.com, I embarked on a mission to help people harness the true potential of AI. With tools that can start businesses in a single click, I truly believe that AI has the power to transform our lives.

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