Is Amazon KDP Legit? Truth on Self-Publishing on Amazon

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Self-publishing industry is rapidly growing, presenting authors with numerous opportunities. A platform that kept appearing on all radars is Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (Amazon KDP).

Through this article, we will delve deeper into this service, trying to answer the burning question — is Amazon KDP legit? Acknowledging the importance of cautious decision-making in publishing, it seemed crucial to thoroughly explore this avenue.

In the process, we’ll also consider another perspective to further gauge its viability — is selling on Amazon KDP worth it? This way, we can form a rounded understanding of the platform and its potential to revolutionize your self-publishing journey.

Is Amazon KDP Legit?

Is Amazon KDP Legit?

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) is a platform offered by e-commerce giant, Amazon, to allow authors to directly publish their books on Kindle and in paperback.

Given the global reach and significant customer base of Amazon, it’s only reasonable to figure that the platform is under proper regulations and has an official standing.

Looking closer at its online presence, Amazon KDP’s website provides a comprehensive breakdown of its services.

There’s ease of navigation, clear explanation of the publishing process, and access to a wealth of resources for authors – from writing and formatting guidance to marketing tips.

The platform also offers a direct communication channel for any queries or concerns, showing transparency in its operations.

Moreover, they carry a fair share of success stories (with few complaints here and there – a necessary trend for any platform).

It’s crucial to remember that experiences can vary, often contingent on an individual’s understanding of the platform and their marketing efforts. However, the abundance of positive feedback reveals that many authors have indeed found success with Amazon KDP.

In terms of compliance with laws and regulations, Amazon KDP clearly outlines its terms and conditions on its site.

Authors retain the rights to their content and can choose to make changes or withdraw their books at any time. Payments are made monthly, subject to meeting royalty payment thresholds.

Considering these points, it can be deduced that Amazon KDP is a legitimate platform for self-publishing. It is not merely a site boasting empty promises but a platform with a tangible presence, user trust, and adherence to legal norms. The legitimacy of Amazon KDP isn’t in question.

However, whether it’s a worthy venture for individual authors is another aspect to probe.

Is Selling on Amazon KDP Worth It?

Is Selling on Amazon KDP Worth It?

Arguably, the most important aspect to consider when looking at KDP is the revenue potential.

With Amazon KDP, you as an author have the ability to earn royalties that go up to 70 percent on each sale – a fairly high rate when it comes to self-publishing.

The actual earnings, however, will be primarily based on your book’s price and the number of sales, which will be influenced by several factors like the quality of your content and your marketing efforts.

When we talk about costs and requirements, there’s good news. The service itself is free, meaning you don’t have to pay anything to publish your book. You keep your rights and have complete control over the pricing of your book.

The key to success here, though, lies in your ability to effectively format your book, create an attractive cover, and market your product – tasks that might require some investment if you’re not doing them yourself.

Or you can use a tool like AI Automateed that writes your ebooks in one click – 100% original, unique, fact-checked, and yours to use as you please.

Comparing Amazon KDP with other self-publishing platforms, it stands out mainly because of its massive customer base.

Amazon’s customer reach is unparalleled, offering you the potential for global visibility. With the right strategies, this can result in greater sales numbers compared to other platforms having smaller readerships.

That being said, selling on Amazon KDP is not a guaranteed ticket to success. It demands strategic positioning, continual marketing, and above all, compelling content.

However, given its wide reach, free publishing, and favorable royalty rates, Amazon KDP certainly presents a worthwhile opportunity with great potential for those willing to put in the effort.

Benefits of Amazon KDP

Now that we’ve established the potential worthiness of Amazon KDP, let’s take a closer look at some of the key benefits the platform offers:

  • Simple to use and straightforward
  • Full control over your book and pricing
  • Large audience and reach

Firstly, the platform scores high on accessibility and ease of use. With its simple, intuitive interface, Amazon KDP makes the process of publishing quite straightforward.

The process of creating an account, uploading manuscripts, setting up book details, and hitting the publish button is simple, clear and easy to navigate. This ease of use presents a lower barrier to entry for budding authors or those testing the waters of self-publishing.

One key aspect that sets Amazon KDP apart is the control it offers to authors. You maintain all the rights to your content, which gives you the freedom to make modifications or even delist your book as you see fit. You also have full control over the pricing of your book, allowing you to set your own list prices and change them at any time.

Lastly, no other self-publishing platform can compete with the mass market reach and visibility that Amazon provides. Publishing your book on Amazon KDP means that your book has the potential to be seen and purchased by millions of active Amazon users worldwide.

This, coupled with the possibilities of entering the Kindle Unlimited program and earning extra from Kindle Owners’ Lending Library, significantly widens your exposure and potential for sales.

There’s no denying that Amazon KDP comes with a host of built-in benefits that create a conducive environment for self-publishing. Yet, it’s not all rainbows and sunshine, and some challenges need addressing too.

Challenges of Amazon KDP

While it’s evident that Amazon KDP offers tremendous opportunities, it’s only fair to paint a complete picture by mentioning some challenges that authors might face when using the platform.

  • High competition
  • Lower royalties for more expensive books
  • All marketing of your book is up to you

One significant hurdle is the intense competition and possible market saturation. Being widely accessible, Amazon KDP attracts a vast number of authors, resulting in millions of books on the platform. Your book will be one among these, vying for attention.

To stand out from this crowd, you’ll need to invest in smart marketing and have a distinct, high-quality offering.

The second potential challenge is the real possibility of earning lower royalties. While Amazon KDP does allow for royalties of up to 70%, this rate only applies for books priced between $2.99 and $9.99.

If your book is priced lower or higher than this range, you can only earn a royalty of 35%. This pricing scheme can either restrict your freedom in pricing or slice into your profits.

Finally, you may find limitations in terms of distribution and marketing. Amazon KDP mainly relies on its own vast marketplace for book sales. It doesn’t offer extensive distribution to other bookstores or platforms.

Also, you’ll be largely on your own in marketing your book. Amazon has some promotional options, but they come at a cost and lack the precision targeting of some other advertising platforms.

With these challenges in mind, successfully navigating Amazon KDP requires strategic planning, a unique value proposition, and persistent effort. Therefore, while Amazon KDP is a powerful platform, making the most of it is ultimately in your hands.

Tips for Success on Amazon KDP

Tips for Success on Amazon KDP

To demystify the feat of attaining success on Amazon KDP and offset the challenges, here are some tried-and-true tips that can elevate your Amazon self-publishing journey.

The first and foremost factor is the quality and presentation of your book. It’s essential to ensure your book is professionally edited and formatted, with a tempting cover that’s designed to catch the eye.

Remember, your book will first be judged by its cover, so it’s worth investing effort or hiring professional help if needed to ensure the cover stands out.

Next, it’s crucial to gain a basic understanding of Amazon’s algorithms. Amazon’s search engine, much like Google’s, uses a specific algorithm to determine which book to display when a customer performs a search.

To improve your ranking, work on optimizing your book’s metadata which includes your book’s title, subtitle, description, keywords, and categories. Also, periodically reviewing and updating your metadata can help sustain visibility.

The last, but certainly not the least, is the importance of focusing on promotion, reviews, and customer engagement.

Actively promote your book to your target audience through various promotional tools and channels, both online and offline. Encourage and cherish every legitimate review as Amazon considers the number and quality of reviews in its ranking formula. Engage with readers on social media or through Amazon’s author central page to build lasting relationships that could lead to loyal readership over time.

Bear in mind that each of these tips doesn’t guarantee instant success, but they can certainly improve your chances. The key lies in continuous learning and adaptation, ensuring your strategies stay relevant in the ever-evolving field of self-publishing.


Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing is indeed a legitimate platform for authors looking to self-publish. With its vast reach, accessible platform, and potential for high royalties, it offers compelling opportunities for new and seasoned authors alike.

However, navigating its challenges and making the most of its benefits require a focused, strategic approach. Success on Amazon KDP is not guaranteed, but with quality content, optimized presentation, understanding of the platform’s nuances, and active promotion, it does present an avenue worth considering for your self-publishing journey.


Is Amazon KDP really profitable?

Yes, Amazon KDP can be profitable, but it depends on factors like book quality, pricing strategy, and marketing efforts.

Can I earn money from KDP?

Definitely, you can earn money through royalties on each sale you make on Amazon KDP. But how much you earn depends on you, the quality of your book, and your marketing efforts.

Is it worth selling on Amazon KDP?

Selling on Amazon KDP can be worth it due to its huge market reach, user-friendly interface, and decent royalty rates.

Is Amazon KDP free?

Publishing with Amazon KDP is entirely free. However, any additional services like book formatting, cover design, or promotion may incur costs, and you will have to arrange them yourself.

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