How to Make Money on Amazon KDP Without Writing – A Guide

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Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) has opened a world of opportunities for earning income, and it’s not just for those who love writing. Many people are curious about how to make money on Amazon KDP without writing, and it’s indeed possible with some creative approaches.

KDP is not only for traditional authors but also for entrepreneurs, designers, and anyone with a knack for spotting market trends. This platform offers various avenues to publish and profit from books, even if you’re not the one doing the actual writing.

In this article, we’ll explore several unique ways to earn through Amazon KDP without being a writer yourself. From leveraging AI writing tools to curating content, these strategies offer exciting possibilities for anyone looking to enter the world of online book publishing and sales.

How to Make Money on Amazon KDP Without Writing

Here are 6 ideas for what to sell and how to make money on Amazon KDP without writing if you’re not the words-y type.

1. Use AI Automated

How to Make Money on Amazon KDP Without Writing - Use AI Automateed

AI Automated is a groundbreaking way to create books, for Amazon KDP or anything else, really.

This advanced tool can generate both fiction and non-fiction books with minimal input from the user. All you need to do is provide the tool with a title, your target audience, and your preferred tone or style of writing.

The tool then crafts an outline with 15 chapters, each having three subchapters. This level of automation can be a game-changer for anyone who wants to publish on Amazon KDP, author or not.

The process with AI Automated is impressively straightforward. Once you have your outline, which you can edit to suit your needs, you activate the tool to create your book.

It then writes a book of approximately 90 pages, complete with a table of contents, all chapters, relevant images, and even a cover for the book.

Maybe one of the most important features of AI Automated is that the content it produces is 100% unique, original, and legally yours to sell.

For those unsure about what to write, AI Automated offers additional tools for generating niche ideas and title suggestions. This feature is incredibly useful for tapping into potentially profitable areas that you might not have considered.

Furthermore, the tool can even aid in creating marketing campaigns for social media and other platforms, automating the entire process – from conception to sales.

Although the tool generates original content, as a publisher, it’s your responsibility to ensure that the final product respects the copyright laws and maintains a level of quality that resonates with your readers.

In summary, AI Automated is a powerful tool for those looking to publish on Amazon KDP without traditional writing. It not only simplifies the book creation process but also provides support in identifying niches and marketing the finished product. This tool opens up new possibilities for publishers to create and sell books in a highly efficient manner.

2. Hire Ghostwriters

Hire Ghostwriters

Hiring ghostwriters is a smart move if you’re looking to publish on Amazon KDP but don’t have the time or skill to write a book yourself.

A ghostwriter is someone who writes for you, allowing you to publish the work under your name.

The first step in this process is to be clear about your book’s concept. You need to know what you want to write about, who it’s for, and what message you’re trying to convey.

Once you have this figured out, it’s time to find a ghostwriter. Freelance platforms like Upwork or Fiverr are good places to start. Sometimes, social media and writing networks can also lead you to talented writers.

When you come across potential ghostwriters, take a good look at their previous works. It’s important to choose someone who has experience in the genre you’re targeting.

After you’ve found a suitable ghostwriter, discuss your project with them in detail. Make sure they understand what you’re looking for and the deadlines you have in mind.

Now, the payment. You can agree on a flat fee or a per-word rate. Also, it’s essential to have a written agreement that clearly outlines the project’s scope, including transfer of rights and confidentiality. Usually, these platforms cover that in their contracts, but you can never be safe enough.

Working with a ghostwriter requires good communication. Keep in touch with them regularly, provide feedback on their drafts, and be clear about any changes you want.

Remember, good writing takes time, so set realistic deadlines and respect the writer’s creative process. It’s also wise to plan for revisions in your agreement to ensure the final book meets your standards.

By carefully selecting a ghostwriter and building a strong working relationship, you can create a successful book for Amazon KDP without writing it yourself.

3. Create Low-Content or No-Content Books

Create Low-Content or No-Content Books

Creating low-content or no-content books is a new and quite popular way to make money on Amazon KDP without traditional writing. These types of books require minimal textual content and can be profitable if done correctly.

  • Low-Content Books include journals, planners, logbooks, or coloring books. They typically contain repetitive content like lined pages, calendars, or prompts. The key to success in low-content books is in their design and utility. For instance, a planner could be created for specific audiences like students, teachers, or fitness enthusiasts, with customized layouts that cater to their needs.
  • No-Content Books such as notebooks or sketchbooks, are even simpler. These are essentially books filled with blank or lined pages. The appeal of these books lies in the creativity of their covers and the quality of the paper. They can be marketed as gifts or for specific uses like travel journals, recipe books, or art sketchbooks.

Now, the cover is crucial for attracting buyers for low content and medium content books. It should be visually appealing and relevant to the book’s intended use. Utilize design software or hire a designer to create professional covers.

For low-content books, the interior layout should match the book’s purpose. Use tools like Canva or Adobe InDesign to create interiors that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Marketing Low-Content and No-Content Books

  • Targeted Marketing: Identify your target audience and market your books accordingly. For example, promote fitness planners to health and wellness communities.
  • Leverage Social Media: Showcase your book designs on platforms like Instagram or Pinterest, where visual content is key.
  • Amazon Ads: Consider using Amazon’s advertising platform to reach a broader audience.
  • Seasonal Promotions: Capitalize on seasonal trends or holidays, like creating student planners around back-to-school season.

Creating and selling low-content or no-content books on Amazon KDP can be a profitable venture without the need for traditional writing. The success of these books relies heavily on understanding market needs, effective design, and strategic marketing.

4. Translate and Publish Public Domain Works

Translating and publishing public domain works is a unique approach to making money on Amazon KDP without writing original content.

Public domain books are those whose intellectual property rights have expired, or were never established, making them freely available for use by anyone.

Translating public domain works into different languages can be profitable if you find the right audience.

For example, there’s a demand for classic literature in languages where these works might not be readily available. By translating and publishing these works, you can tap into a new audience eager to access these classics in their native language.

When considering this route, the first step is to select the right works. Look for public domain books that are still appealing or popular. Classics in genres like mystery, romance, or adventure are often good choices.

Research the most popular books in the public domain, and consider if there’s a gap in the market for translations in specific languages.

It’s crucial to ensure that the works you choose are indeed in the public domain. This can vary depending on the country and the original publication date of the work.

In the United States, for example, works published before 1924 are generally considered public domain. However, the rules can be complex, so it’s important to do a research or consult a legal expert to avoid copyright infringement.

Once you’ve selected a work and confirmed its public domain status, the next step is translation. If you’re not a translator yourself, you’ll need to hire one. Look for a translator who is not only fluent in both languages but also has a good grasp of the cultural context of the book.

The quality of translation is key, as it needs to resonate with contemporary readers while staying true to the original text.

5. Curate and Publish Collections

Curate and Publish Collections

Curating and publishing collections is another creative way to utilize Amazon KDP without writing original content. This involves gathering and organizing existing materials, like recipes, quotes, or short stories, into a cohesive collection.

The key is to ensure that the content is legally obtained or licensed, and to add unique value through your organization and presentation.

To start, decide on a theme or niche for your collection. This could be anything from a compilation of historical speeches to a book of inspirational quotes or a specialized cookbook.

Once you have your theme, the next step is to gather content.

For content that’s not in the public domain, you’ll need to obtain permissions or licenses from the copyright holders. This is crucial to avoid any legal issues and ensure that your collection is legitimate.

When curating content, think about how to add value. This could be through the way you categorize and present the material, or by adding your own commentary, introductions, or insights.

For instance, if you’re compiling a recipe book, you might categorize recipes by season or type of meal and include tips or personal anecdotes. This not only makes your collection more engaging but also more unique, setting it apart from similar works.

Design and layout play a significant role in the appeal of your collection. A well-designed cover and professional layout can make your book more attractive to potential buyers.

Consider hiring a graphic designer to create a visually appealing cover and format the interior of your book.

Marketing your collection is also important. Use social media, blogging, and online communities to reach potential buyers interested in your book’s theme.

6. Collaborate with Authors

Collaborate with Authors

In these partnerships, you team up with an author who writes the book, while you focus on the publishing and marketing aspects, creating a mutually beneficial relationship.

The process begins with finding an author to collaborate with. This can be done through writer’s networks, social media platforms, writing forums, or even by directly reaching out to authors whose work you admire.

Once you find a potential partner, the key is to establish clear communication about expectations, roles, and responsibilities.

In such a partnership, your role would primarily involve handling the technicalities of publishing the book on Amazon KDP, which includes formatting the manuscript, designing the cover (or hiring a designer), and taking care of the listing details like the book’s description and metadata.

Additionally, you would develop and execute a marketing strategy, which could involve social media promotion, email marketing, arranging book reviews, and possibly even paid advertising.

Revenue sharing and rights management are crucial elements of these collaborations. It’s important to have a clear agreement in place that outlines how profits will be split and the specific rights each party has regarding the book.

Revenue sharing arrangements can vary, but they should be fair and reflect the amount of work each party is contributing. Some partnerships opt for a 50/50 split, while others may decide on a different arrangement based on the workload and investment of each party.

Rights management is also key in these partnerships. Decide who holds the copyright to the book, how long the partnership agreement will last, and what happens if one party wants to end the agreement.

It’s advisable to have a written contract in place that clearly spells out all these details.


Exploring how to make money on Amazon KDP without writing opens up a world of possibilities for creatives and those interested in the publishing industry. From using innovative AI tools like AI Automated to collaborating with authors, or curating and publishing collections, there are numerous ways to succeed on this platform without being a traditional writer.

Each method offers a unique approach to earning on Amazon KDP. Whether it’s through technology, partnerships, or public domain works, the potential for profit without writing is real and diverse. This guide aims to provide you with the knowledge and tools to navigate this exciting journey.


How do I publish a book without writing?

You can publish a book without writing by using AI writing tools, hiring ghostwriters, creating low-content books, translating public domain works, or curating collections.

How to create passive income with Amazon Kindle without writing?

Create passive income on Amazon Kindle by publishing low-content books, collaborating with writers, or curating and licensing existing content.

Can you really make money with KDP?

Yes, you can make money with Amazon KDP by publishing various types of books, including those written by ghostwriters or created using AI tools, and through marketing and sales strategies.

How to sell other people’s ebooks on Amazon?

To sell other people’s eBooks on Amazon, collaborate with authors where you handle publishing and marketing, or curate and publish collections with proper licensing and permissions.

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