32 Best Writing Podcasts: Essential Listening for Authors

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If you’re on the hunt for inspiration, practical advice, or just a sense of community in your writing journey, diving into the best writing podcasts can be a game-changer. These carefully curated shows offer everything from in-depth discussions on the craft to interviews with industry insiders, all designed to ignite your passion and polish your skills.

Each podcast brings its own unique flavor to the table, whether it’s exploring the intricacies of storytelling, offering tips on overcoming writer’s block, or sharing the realities of the publishing world. They serve as an invaluable resource for writers at all stages, providing both guidance and motivation to keep those pens moving and keyboards clicking.

So, pull up a chair, pop in your earbuds, and let’s explore some of the best writing podcasts out there. Whether you’re looking to refine your technique, find your community, or simply enjoy the camaraderie of fellow word enthusiasts, there’s a show tailored just for you.

Best Writing Podcasts

Best Writing Podcasts

There are countless podcasts created around writing, by writers, and for writers, so there is no question that there will be something worth your while if podcasts are something you enjoy.

Let’s take a look.

1. It’s Lit

If you’re the kind of person who thinks books are just about the best thing ever, then “It’s Lit” is like finding your tribe. This podcast, produced by PBS Digital Studios and hosted by Lindsay Ellis and Princess Weekes, dives into the heart of what makes literature so darn compelling. Picture this as your ideal book club discussion, where you get to nerd out about the classics and discover new favorites, all without leaving your comfy chair.

Lindsay and Princess have this dynamic way of exploring themes, authors, and movements that have shaped the literary world, making each episode not just informative but downright fun to listen to. They tackle everything from the gothic novel’s enduring appeal to the rise of science fiction as a serious literary genre. “It’s Lit” is where deep literary analysis meets a genuine love for books.

Listeners come for the insightful commentary and stay for the lively banter. Whether you’re a literature student, a lifelong reader, or just getting into books, “It’s Lit” offers something new and exciting for everyone.

Episodes to Check Out:

  • World-building in Sci-fi and Fantasy with Dr. Moiya McTier
  • Hope and Rage in Black Literature with Mikki Kendall
  • Comics, Graphic Novels, and Manga with V.E. Schwab

2. The Creative Penn Podcast

For anyone who’s ever dreamed of writing a book, building a readership, or just diving deeper into the world of indie publishing, “The Creative Penn Podcast” is like striking gold. Joanna Penn, the host, is not just a successful indie author; she’s also incredibly generous with her knowledge. Each episode feels like you’re sitting down with a mentor who’s there to guide you through the intricate landscape of modern publishing, from crafting your first draft to marketing your masterpiece.

Joanna’s approach is warm, encouraging, and packed with actionable tips. She covers a wide array of topics relevant to writers and creative entrepreneurs, including writing techniques, self-publishing strategies, book marketing, and how to make a living with your writing. Plus, her interviews with authors, book marketing experts, and publishing professionals provide listeners with a multitude of perspectives.

“The Creative Penn Podcast” isn’t just about the how-tos; it’s about inspiring you to believe in the possibility of your writing dreams. Whether you’re an aspiring novelist, a non-fiction writer, or someone interested in the business side of publishing, Joanna offers insights that can help you navigate your journey.

Episodes to Check Out:

  • How Generative AI Search Will Impact Book Discoverability In The Next Decade
  • Writing From Your Shadow Side With Michaelbrent Collings
  • Crafting Your Novel’s Key Moments With John Matthew Fox

3. The Writers Panel

“The Writers Panel” is an essential listen for anyone intrigued by the behind-the-scenes of television, film, and literature writing. Hosted by Ben Blacker, a writer himself, this podcast pulls back the curtain on the storytelling process, featuring conversations with an impressive lineup of writers from various mediums. Imagine getting to sit in on a writers’ room, hearing firsthand about the trials, triumphs, and trade secrets of narrative crafting.

Ben’s interviews are insightful, delving into not just the hows but the whys of writing: why writers choose their themes, how they develop characters that feel real, and what it takes to keep audiences engaged from beginning to end. “The Writers Panel” provides a panoramic view of writing as a profession, offering advice, inspiration, and a sense of community to both aspiring and established writers.

Listeners will appreciate the depth of discussion on both the creative and practical aspects of writing, from brainstorming ideas to dealing with industry challenges. It’s a podcast that celebrates the art and craft of writing, encouraging you to explore your own creative potential.

Episodes to Check Out:

  • Tom Vaughan on Second Acts
  • Somebody Somewhere’s creators and star
  • Lily Sparks on YA

4. 88 Cups of Tea

Alright, let’s dive into “88 Cups of Tea” next. This one is a gem for anyone who’s ever daydreamed about writing their own novel, screenplay, or even just a heartfelt letter. Hosted by Yin Chang, it’s like sitting down with a friend who’s just as obsessed with storytelling as you are. Yin brings on a variety of guests – think bestselling authors, screenwriters, and literary agents – and the conversations are just so rich and insightful, you’ll end up feeling like you’ve got a backstage pass to the writing world.

What makes “88 Cups of Tea” stand out is how Yin and her guests get into the nitty-gritty of the writing process, sharing personal stories of struggle, breakthrough, and success. It’s incredibly motivating, especially on those days when the blank page seems like your worst enemy. Plus, there’s this warm, inviting vibe to the whole thing that makes you feel included, no matter where you are on your writing journey.

Listeners tune in not just for the writing advice, which is top-notch, by the way, but also for the sense of community Yin fosters. It’s like having a mentor and a bunch of supportive friends all rolled into one podcast. Whether you’re plotting your first novel or looking to polish your latest manuscript, “88 Cups of Tea” has got you covered with practical tips, heartfelt encouragement, and a little push to keep you going.

Episodes to Check Out:

  • Stacey Lee On Uncovering Untold Stories
  • Samira Ahmed On Saying Yes To Yourself
  • Abigail Hing Wen On Claiming Space With Our Stories

5. Writer’s Routine

“Writer’s Routine” is a podcast that’s all about the day-to-day of being a writer, minus the fluff. That’s exactly what you get with “Writer’s Routine.” Hosted by Dan Simpson, it’s like a sneak peek into the lives of authors and how they manage to get words on the page. Dan chats with writers from all genres, exploring their daily habits, quirks, and the rituals that keep their creativity flowing.

What’s cool about “Writer’s Routine” is how it reveals there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to writing. You’ll hear from authors who swear by waking up at the crack of dawn to write in silence, others who find their muse late at night, and even those who jot down ideas between the chaos of daily life. It’s all about finding what works for you, and this podcast is a treasure trove of possibilities.

Listeners love the show for its down-to-earth vibe and the practical tips that come out of each episode. It’s not just about romanticizing the writing process; it’s about the actual work – the challenges of drafting, revising, and sometimes scrapping everything to start anew. Dan’s interviews are insightful, offering a behind-the-scenes look at the writing world that’s both inspiring and relatable.

Episodes to Check Out:

  • Rebecca McKanna, author of ‘Don’t Forget the Girl’ – Debut writer discusses fictional true-crime, getting sucked into the story, and what being published feels like
  • Mandy Robotham, author of ‘The Hidden Storyteller’ – Historical Fiction writer discusses the rules of genre, needing a deadline, and stopping when it gets good
  • D.L. Douglas, author of ‘Dr. Spilsbury and the Camden Town Killer’ – Historical crime writer discusses switching genres and names, structuring challenges, and a busy year

6. The VS Podcast

This one’s a little different from the others we’ve talked about, and it’s absolutely fascinating. Hosted by poets Franny Choi and Danez Smith, this podcast feels like you’ve been invited to the coolest, most inclusive poetry slam ever. But it’s not just about poetry; it’s about how art, culture, and politics intersect with the world of writing.

Franny and Danez are brilliant at bringing in guests who are not just poets but also novelists, musicians, and activists. The conversations dive deep into topics like identity, creativity, and the role of art in society. It’s thought-provoking, eye-opening, and, above all, deeply human. They discuss the struggles and triumphs of being a creator in today’s world, making “The VS Podcast” a must-listen for anyone interested in the pulse of contemporary writing and poetry.

What listeners particularly love about this podcast is its authenticity. Franny and Danez have this incredible way of connecting with their guests, fostering discussions that are raw, honest, and filled with laughter. It’s like being at a gathering with friends where the conversation gets real, and you leave feeling inspired and a little less alone in your creative endeavors.

“The VS Podcast” isn’t just for poets or writers; it’s for anyone who believes in the power of words to change, challenge, and comfort. It’s a celebration of the diversity and strength found in the writing community, offering insights and stories that resonate on a personal level.

Episodes to Check Out:

  • Safiya Sinclair vs. The Sea
  • Jericho Brown Vs. Process of Elimination
  • Roll Call: Gabrielle Civil vs. Black Time or the déjà vu

7. Kobo Writing Life Podcast

Next up, let’s dive into the “Kobo Writing Life Podcast.” This one’s a treat for the indie authors out there, or really anyone interested in the self-publishing world. Hosted by the team behind Kobo’s Writing Life platform, this podcast demystifies the journey of taking your writing from a personal project to a published book available worldwide.

What sets this podcast apart is its focus on the practical aspects of self-publishing. The hosts, along with a variety of guests including authors, publishers, and industry experts, cover everything from the initial drafting process to marketing your finished book. They share insights on building your brand, engaging with readers, and the nuts and bolts of selling your work on digital platforms.

Listeners really appreciate the actionable advice given on the podcast. It’s not just theory; it’s real-world examples and strategies that have worked for others. Plus, there’s an underlying current of encouragement and community that makes you feel like you’re part of a supportive network of writers, all cheering each other on.

The “Kobo Writing Life Podcast” is invaluable for anyone looking to navigate the self-publishing landscape. Whether you’re still figuring out how to start writing your book or you’re looking for ways to boost your sales, there’s something here for you. The podcast does a fantastic job of breaking down the process into manageable steps, making the dream of publishing your own work feel totally achievable.

Episodes to Check Out:

  • Mental Health, Queer Narratives and More with Emily Austin
  • Important Tools for Indie Authors with Mark Dawson
  • 2 Books at 20 Years Old with Citra Tenore

8. The Writers’ Hangout

“The Writers’ Hangout” is essentially a space for writers to come together and talk about their experiences, challenges, and successes in writing. It’s hosted by a group of writers who are passionate about creating a community where both new and experienced writers can find support, motivation, and a bit of fun. Each episode features discussions on various topics related to the writing process, from coming up with ideas to dealing with writer’s block to the excitement of finally completing a project.

What makes this podcast appealing is its casual and inclusive atmosphere. The hosts and their guests speak openly about the realities of writing, sharing personal anecdotes and practical advice. It’s like listening in on a conversation among friends who understand exactly what it means to be a writer today.

Listeners come away with not just tips and tricks for their craft, but also a sense of belonging to a wider community of writers. Whether it’s exploring different writing techniques, navigating the publishing industry, or simply finding inspiration to keep writing, “The Writers’ Hangout” covers it all.

Episodes to Check Out:

  • The Taylor Swift Writing Mystery Solved
  • Oh My God! They Killed Kenney! The Too Short and Fascinating Life of Screenwriter Doug Kenney
  • Dread: 22 Tales Of Terror With Screenwriter Kevin Bachar

9. Write Now

“Write Now” is a podcast that zeroes in on the heart and soul of writing, addressing both the triumphs and challenges that come with the craft. Hosted by Sarah Rhea Werner, it’s designed to inspire writers of all levels, from those just dabbling with the idea to seasoned professionals. Sarah’s approach is both encouraging and realistic, acknowledging the hurdles writers face while highlighting the immense joy and fulfillment that comes from expressing oneself through words.

What stands out about “Write Now” is Sarah’s ability to connect with her listeners on a personal level. She shares her own writing experiences, successes, and setbacks, making the journey feel less solitary. The podcast covers a broad spectrum of topics, including creativity, balancing writing with daily life, and finding your voice. It’s not just about the mechanics of writing but also about the emotional and psychological aspects, which are often overlooked.

Listeners appreciate the podcast for its mix of solo episodes, where Sarah dives deep into specific topics, and interviews with guests from various corners of the writing world. These conversations shed light on different paths to success and the myriad ways people overcome common obstacles. It’s motivational, offering a kind nudge to keep writing, even when it feels tough.

Episodes to Check Out:

  • When Your Writing Dreams Change
  • What Are You Balancing?
  • The Bulletproof Writer

10. Helping Writers Become Authors

So, there’s this podcast called “Helping Writers Become Authors,” hosted by K.M. Weiland. She’s pretty awesome at breaking down the whole writing thing into chunks that actually make sense. Think of it like getting advice from a friend who’s been there, done that, and is ready to share all the secrets over coffee.

K.M. talks about everything you need to know if you’re trying to write something people might want to read one day. She gets into the weeds with plotting, character building, and even how to end your story so it doesn’t just fizzle out. It’s like she’s got a knack for pointing out exactly where you might be stuck and giving you a nudge in the right direction.

Episodes to Check Out:

  1. Checklist for Beginning Your Story
  2. What Are Antagonistic Proxies?
  3. A Different Type of Scenes

11. Grammar Girl Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing

Mignon Fogarty, or as most people know her, Grammar Girl, runs this super handy podcast. It’s like she’s on a mission to make grammar less of a headache for everyone. Her tips? Quick, easy to understand, and honestly, kind of fun. It’s perfect for brushing up on your grammar without feeling like you’re back in a stuffy classroom.

Each episode tackles common (and not so common) grammar questions, punctuation dilemmas, and those weird language rules no one seems to get right. Plus, she’s got a way of explaining things that just sticks.

Episodes to Check Out:

  1. From grunts to grammar. The Irish ‘after doing.’ The winning NGD poem!
  2. Why English is the best language for Wordle, with Lynne Murphy
  3. A Riotous Good Time with Ellen Jovin of the Grammar Table

12. Dead Robots’ Society

The “Dead Robots’ Society” podcast is hosted by a team of writers who really get into the weeds of what it means to write, publish, and everything in between. They talk about their own experiences with writing novels, battling writer’s block, and the journey to getting published. It’s candid, often humorous, and packed with insights from writers who are right there in the trenches with you.

What makes this podcast stand out is how the hosts share their personal stories of triumphs and setbacks in writing, making you feel like you’re not alone in your writer’s journey. Whether you’re looking for practical tips on how to improve your writing process or just some encouragement, this podcast has got you covered.

Episodes to Check Out:

  1. Scum and Villainy!
  2. Nanites, Stasis, and Printing Meat
  3. Plotications!

13. Between The Covers

Host David Naimon brings “Between The Covers” to life by chatting with some really interesting writers. Think of it as sitting down with a cup of coffee and listening to authors spill the beans about what makes them tick, how they come up with their stories, and all the little things that happen in between. David’s knack for asking just the right questions turns each episode into a sort of mini-masterclass in writing and creativity.

It’s not just talk; it feels like you’re getting a behind-the-scenes look at the writing world, from poetry to fiction and everything that doesn’t quite fit neatly into a box. Whether you’re someone who writes, someone who loves to read, or just someone curious about how stories are made, there’s something here for you.

Episodes to Check Out:

  1. Anne de Marcken : It Lasts Forever and Then It’s Over
  2. Lydia Davis : Our Strangers
  3. Charif Shanahan : Trace Evidence

14. The Power of Storytelling

“The Power of Storytelling,” hosted by Nicola J. Rowley, is an enlightening podcast that delves into the essence and impact of storytelling across a spectrum of disciplines. Nicola, with her keen insight into narrative power, invites guests from diverse storytelling backgrounds, including writers, journalists, and public speakers, to share their experiences and wisdom. The podcast shines a light on how storytelling can influence, inspire, and transform.

What makes this podcast resonate with its audience is Nicola’s ability to draw out the nuanced techniques and emotional depths of storytelling from her guests. It’s a treasure trove for anyone looking to refine their storytelling abilities or simply to understand the broader impacts of narrative on human connection and empathy.

Episodes to Check Out:

  • Know your rights : The Complaining Cow (Helen Dewdney)
  • Seeing the world in different ways! : Joanna Rawbone
  • Create a Legacy: Write your Story w. Abigail Horne

15. London Writers’ Salon

Imagine you’ve found this cozy corner of the internet where writers from all over the world come together—it’s called the London Writers’ Salon. This podcast feels like you’re sitting in on intimate conversations with some of the most interesting writers, poets, and publishers today. The hosts, Matt Trinetti and Parul Bavishi, have this chill way of digging into what makes writers tick, how they wrestle with words until they start to behave, and all the highs and lows of the writing journey.

What’s cool about it is the variety. One day you could be hearing about the nitty-gritty of getting your first book published, and the next, you’re getting tips on how to keep your creative juices flowing when you’re stuck at home. It’s not just for the seasoned pros either; newbies are welcome with open arms. It’s like having mentors in your ear, guiding you, cheering you on, and sometimes giving you that gentle nudge you need to keep going.

Episodes to Check Out:

  1. Chip Conley — Why Life Gets Better With Age, Creativity in Midlife, Role of Newsletters and Blogs, Creating Ideal Conditions for Writing
  2. Jean Kwok — Writing Family Drama & Constructing Thrillers, Successful Daily Writing Routines, Handling Failure & Pressure, How to Stay Focused On Your Craft
  3. Ricardo Fayet — How to Promote Your Book In a Crowded Marketplace, Finding Readers, Finding Freelance Help with Reedsy

16. Writing Excuses

If you’re into writing and haven’t checked out Writing Excuses yet, you’re missing out. It’s hosted by a bunch of cool authors: Brandon Sanderson, Mary Robinette Kowal, Howard Tayler, and Dan Wells. These folks know their stuff, and they’re here to share it all in bite-sized, 15-minute episodes. It’s perfect for when you’re on a break or need a quick burst of inspiration and advice.

They cover everything from character development to plot twists and world-building. The best part? They get right to the point, so every minute is packed with info you can use. It’s like having a mini-writing workshop at your fingertips.

Episodes to Check Out:

  1. The Unreliable Narrator
  2. How To Write An Ending
  3. NaNoWriMo Revision with Ali Fisher: Intention

17. The Drunken Odyssey

“The Drunken Odyssey” is your go-to podcast if you’re looking for a mix of writing insights and a bit of literary fun. Hosted by John King, this show feels like a laid-back chat with a friend who knows a ton about writing and literature. John brings on writers, poets, and all sorts of creative minds to talk not just about the how-tos of writing, but also about the joy and madness it brings into our lives.

Each episode explores different facets of the writing life, from tackling poetry to the ins and outs of publishing. It’s all about celebrating the writing process in its entire glorious and sometimes messy reality. Whether you’re looking to learn something new or just want to feel connected to the wider world of writers, this podcast has something for everyone.

Episodes to Check Out:

  1. Celeste Ng & Ben Fountain, interviewed by Samantha Nickerson!
  2. Azar Nafisi!
  3. TDO vs. The Curator of Schlock #10 (Nightbreed)

18. The Portfolio Life

Hosted by Jeff Goins, “The Portfolio Life” is all about embracing the creative journey and building a life around your passions, not just your day job. Jeff chats with artists, writers, and creative thinkers, diving into how they’ve woven creativity into every aspect of their lives. It’s not just about making it as a writer; it’s about creating a rich, fulfilling life that reflects all your interests and pursuits.

Jeff’s approach is encouraging and grounded in reality—he knows the struggles and triumphs of living a creative life and shares insights and strategies to help you do the same. Whether you’re trying to find your voice, build your audience, or just figure out how to make time for your creative work, this podcast is a treasure trove of advice.

Episodes to Check Out:

  1. The Portfolio Life Finale
  2. Am I Still Me?
  3. Sell Them What They Want, Give Them What They Need

19. The Self Publishing Show

If you’re navigating the world of self-publishing, “The Self Publishing Show” with hosts Mark Dawson and James Blatch is the podcast you need. They cover everything from the nuts and bolts of publishing your own book to marketing it and building a career as an indie author.

Mark and James bring on guests who are making waves in self-publishing, sharing stories of success, lessons learned, and the latest strategies that are working for them. This podcast is rich with actionable advice, whether you’re just considering self-publishing or looking to take your indie author career to the next level.

Episodes to Check Out:

  1. Don’t Hide Behind Your Book – with Isabelle Knight
  2. Targeting Trad Readers (with Michael R. Miller)
  3. Is A.I. a Help or a Hindrance? – with Mark Dawson

20. The First Draft Club

“The First Draft Club” is perfect for anyone who’s ever struggled to get that first draft out. This podcast, focused on the early stages of writing a book, offers motivation, guidance, and real talk about the challenges of drafting.

The hosts dive into techniques for overcoming writer’s block, finding your story, and keeping the momentum going even when the going gets tough. It’s like having a supportive writing group in your earbuds, cheering you on and offering wisdom to help you reach “The End.”

Episodes to Check Out:

  1. The 2 Ways Playwright Tom Stoppard Changed My Creative Life
  2. 3 Things No One Tells You About Getting a Literary Agent
  3. 3 New Tips for Writing Better Dialogue

21. Deadline City’s Podcast

“Deadline City’s Podcast” is where Dhonielle Clayton and Zoraida Córdova, both seasoned authors, get real about the writing life. They cover everything the writing journey throws at you – from the early drafts full of hope to the nail-biting deadlines that follow. The podcast feels like sitting down with friends who understand the rollercoaster of publishing.

Dhonielle and Zoraida share their experiences with honesty and humor, making you feel seen and understood as a writer. They dive into topics like handling feedback, the struggles of revising, and the joy of finally seeing your book on a shelf. It’s not just their stories, though; they bring in guests from all corners of the industry to share tips, horror stories, and everything in between.

Episodes to Check Out:

  1. Big Idea Barn
  2. Publicity Parlor w/ Saraciea J. Fennell
  3. Genre Grove w/ Adam Silvera

22. This Creative Life

Sara Zarr’s “This Creative Life” brings listeners into the heart of what it means to live and breathe creativity. In her podcast, Sara engages with a diverse group of writers, artists, and creative thinkers to uncover the joys, challenges, and unexpected moments of the creative process. Each episode is a deep dive into personal stories and professional insights, offering listeners both inspiration and practical advice.

Sara’s warm, engaging approach makes you feel part of a broader community exploring creativity’s role in their lives. Whether discussing the intricacies of crafting believable characters or the struggle to stay motivated, “This Creative Life” provides a comforting space for creatives to learn and grow together.

Episodes to Check Out:

  • Melissa Walker Takes Action
  • Writing When It Doesn’t Feel Like It Matters
  • The Launch Box 5: Publicity, Book Blues, and Ringo

23. The Creative Writer’s Toolbelt

Andrew J. Chamberlain hosts “The Creative Writer’s Toolbelt,” a podcast that gives practical, accessible advice to writers at every stage of their journey. Andrew breaks down complex writing concepts into tangible tools that listeners can immediately apply to their work. From character development and plot structure to the finer points of dialogue and description, this podcast is like a toolbox for writers looking to hone their craft.

Andrew’s approach is straightforward and insightful, offering clarity and encouragement to writers facing the daunting task of bringing their stories to life. The podcast stands out for its focus on the craft of writing, making it an invaluable resource for anyone serious about improving their writing skills.

Episodes to Check Out:

  • Escaping the submissions treadmill: could a service like Submitit be the way forward?
  • Making peace with the internet. Practical advice for your digital presence, with Jason Smith of Social Shapes
  • A citizen of two worlds. Juggling writing and life with Sam Mills and Michael J. Harvey

24. Scriptnotes Podcast

“Scriptnotes Podcast,” hosted by John August and Craig Mazin, is a treasure trove for anyone interested in screenwriting or the film industry. John and Craig use their experience to offer insights into the craft and business of screenwriting, discussing everything from industry trends to the intricacies of writing for film and television. Their conversations are filled with valuable lessons, whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out.

What sets “Scriptnotes” apart is the hosts’ ability to blend practical advice with entertaining stories from their careers. It’s a behind-the-scenes look at the screenwriting world, offering listeners a mix of inspiration, industry knowledge, and practical tips to apply to their screenplays.

Episodes to Check Out:

  • Reviving a Dormant Project
  • The One with Christopher Nolan
  • Cork Grease

25. Creating Happy Writers

“Creating Happy Writers” is more than just a podcast; it’s a support system for writers seeking joy in their craft. This podcast tackles the emotional rollercoaster that writing can be, offering insights, advice, and real-life stories on how to keep your spirits up and your pen moving.

It covers everything from practical tips on dealing with criticism to deeper discussions about why we write and how to find meaning in our work. The hosts create a warm, welcoming space where writers can find encouragement and camaraderie, reminding us that happiness in writing is not just about the end product but the journey there.

Episodes to Check Out:

  • Setting Writing Goals: Is it Time for a Different Approach?
  • Beyond Demographics: Digging Deeper to Understand Your Ideal Reader
  • Bringing Book Ideas to Life with Vicki Weinberg

26. The Story Studio Podcast

“The Story Studio Podcast” is a haven for writers and storytellers who are passionate about exploring the depths of narrative craft in the digital age. Hosted by Johnny B. Truant, Sean Platt, and David Wright, this podcast delves into the evolving landscape of storytelling, with a particular focus on writing and publishing in the contemporary world. The trio, known for their own successes in self-publishing and storytelling, share their insights, experiences, and the lessons they’ve learned along the way.

What sets “The Story Studio Podcast” apart is its blend of practical advice, industry insights, and candid discussions about the challenges and opportunities facing today’s storytellers. Whether you’re interested in the nuts and bolts of self-publishing, the intricacies of character development, or strategies for building an engaged audience, Johnny, Sean, and Dave offer valuable guidance.

Listeners can expect to hear not only from the hosts but also from a variety of guests including successful authors, marketers, and other experts who provide diverse perspectives on the art and business of storytelling. This podcast is an invaluable resource for anyone looking to navigate the complexities of creating and sharing stories in the modern world.

Episodes to Check Out:

  • Making a Living as an Artist with Eileen
  • Creating Culture with Vered
  • Characterization Hacks with Bonnie

27. The Big Gay Fiction Podcast

“The Big Gay Fiction Podcast” is a celebration of LGBTQ+ stories and authors. Hosts Jeff Adams and Will Knauss bring listeners interviews, book recommendations, and discussions on everything from romance novels to speculative fiction, all through a queer lens.

This podcast is perfect for readers and writers looking for new perspectives and stories that reflect the LGBTQ+ experience. It’s not just about fiction; it’s about finding community and exploring the rich diversity of queer storytelling. With a friendly and inclusive tone, Jeff and Will make every listener feel right at home.

Episodes to Check Out:

  • Charlie Cochet & Victoria Sue on Connecting with Readers Through Subscriptions
  • Debut Author Ari Baran Discusses “Game Misconduct”
  • Small Towns and Christmas Dares with Lee Blair

28. A Way with Words

Hosted by the incredibly knowledgeable yet entirely approachable Martha Barnette and Grant Barrett, this podcast feels like you’re just hanging out, learning about the oddities of language without even trying.

They cover everything from the origins of quirky expressions we take for granted to the regional dialects that color our world in such unique ways. Ever wonder why we say “the whole nine yards” or where “okie-dokie” comes from? Martha and Grant have got you covered. And it’s not just about phrases; it’s the grammar quirks, the new words popping into existence, and those head-scratcher spelling rules.

What’s really cool is that it’s interactive. Listeners call in with their questions or word puzzles, making you feel part of a larger, curious community. It’s enlightening, entertaining, and just plain fun. Plus, you end up with awesome tidbits to share at your next actual coffee meet-up.

Episodes to Check Out:

  • Ghost Runner  
  • The Black Dog
  • Go Bananas

29. Self-Publishing School

If you’ve ever toyed with the idea of writing a book but felt stuck on where to begin, “Self-Publishing School” might just be the nudge you need. Chandler Bolt leads this insightful podcast, serving up a mix of inspiration and invaluable guidance for aspiring authors. It’s like sitting down with a friend who’s been through the self-publishing journey and is eager to share all the do’s, don’ts, and must-knows to make your publishing dream a reality.

Chandler and his guests dive deep into each phase of the self-publishing process. From outlining your first draft to mastering marketing techniques that actually work, the podcast is packed with advice that’s both actionable and encouraging. It’s designed to demystify the self-publishing world, making it accessible to anyone with a story to tell.

Episodes to Check Out:

  • The Creative Process, Humor, And Becoming Prolific with Jon Acuff
  • The Secrets To Editing Success, Fictionary, And Making Your Story Unforgettable with Kristina Stanley
  • Turning Your Book Into A Movie (From Book To Script) with Sara McDermott Jain

30. The Writer Files: Writing, Productivity, Creativity, and Neuroscience

“The Writer Files” podcast, hosted by Kelton Reid, offers a fascinating look into how writers keep their creativity flowing and stay productive. It’s like having a coffee with friends who are just as interested in the quirks of creative minds as you are. Kelton chats with authors, journalists, and neuroscientists to uncover the secrets behind writing well and being consistently creative.

What’s unique about this podcast is its dive into the neuroscience of creativity. It’s not everyday chatter; it’s about understanding what happens in our brains when we create and how we can harness this knowledge to improve our writing and work habits.

Kelton’s approachable style makes these complex topics accessible, leaving you with practical tips you can apply to your own creative process. It’s perfect for writers looking to blend a bit of science with their art.

Episodes to Check Out:

  • How to Land a Book Deal with Agent & Author Lucinda Halpern
  • How NY Times Bestselling Author James Swallow Writes
  • How NY Times Bestselling Novelist Emma Straub Writes

31. Writers, Ink

If you’re on the lookout for a podcast that covers the breadth of the writing life, “Writers, Ink” might just be your next favorite listen. Hosted by J.D. Barker, J. Thorn, and Zach Bohannon, this podcast serves up a rich blend of conversations about the craft and business of writing. It’s akin to sitting down for a chat with writers who’ve seen it all, from the blank page to the published book, and are eager to share their journey.

The trio brings on guests from across the literary world, including bestselling authors, literary agents, and publishers, to offer listeners a 360-view of writing. Whether you’re curious about the daily habits that keep successful writers on track, the ins and outs of publishing, or how to connect with readers, “Writers, Ink” has you covered.

With “Writers, Ink,” you’re not just getting advice and insights; you’re getting a front-row seat to the experiences and wisdom of those who’ve navigated the complex waters of the writing and publishing world.

Episodes to Check Out:

  • The one where Kerrie Droban explains how to craft a true crime page-turner
  • The one where Richard Chizmar explains the art of telling a fiction tale as “true crime.”
  • From Batman to thrillers, how working in comics has influenced NYT bestseller Gregg Hurwitz

32. Write-minded

If you’ve been searching for a podcast that truly dives into what fuels writers and keeps them going, “Write-minded: Weekly Inspiration for Writers” is going to hit the mark for you. Hosted by Brooke Warner of She Writes and Grant Faulkner of NaNoWriMo, this podcast is a treasure chest of insights, inspiration, and a little bit of writerly wisdom sprinkled in for good measure. Imagine cozying up with a book in your favorite nook, but instead, you’re getting to listen in on conversations that light up the writer in you.

Brooke and Grant make an excellent team, bringing their own experiences and perspectives to the table, while also inviting a wide array of guests from the world of writing—think authors who are at the top of their game, editors who know just what makes a manuscript shine, and other creatives who live and breathe words. “Write-minded” tackles everything from the emotional rollercoaster that writing can be, to practical tips on pushing through the toughest blocks.

With “Write-minded: Weekly Inspiration for Writers,” you’re essentially getting a weekly pep talk and masterclass rolled into one. It’s about feeling seen as a writer and equipped with the tools to explore your craft more deeply.

Episodes to Check Out:

  • Making Art from Your Life, featuring Jeannine Ouellette
  • Radical Fiction Packaged as a Trojan Horse, featuring Xochitl Gonzalez
  • One Sentence Leads to a Second Sentence: Pushing Through the Muddy Middle of NaNoWriMo, featuring Grant Faulkner and Brooke Warner


In wrapping up our exploration of the best writing podcasts, it’s clear that these platforms offer a treasure trove of insights for anyone keen on mastering the art of writing. From practical advice on navigating the publishing industry to intimate discussions about the creative process, there’s something for every writer looking to grow and connect.

By tuning into the best writing podcasts, you’re not just gaining access to expert guidance; you’re also joining a vibrant community of storytellers and scribes dedicated to honing their craft. Let these podcasts be your companion on the writing journey, providing inspiration, knowledge, and a sense of belonging in the vast world of words.

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