Voices of the Future: Top 8 AI Voice Generators

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In an era where digital communication is king, having a unique and clear voice is paramount. Welcome to the frontier of synthetic voices, powered by the crème de la crème of AI voice generators. Whether you’re a content creator, a marketer, or simply a tech enthusiast, this guide promises to unveil the top 16 AI voice generators that stand a class apart in 2023.

With industry leaders like ElevenLabs and Murf leading the charge, dive into a realm where the line between synthetic and real voices is almost indistinguishable. Preview the future, as we explore these cutting-edge tools that promise to revolutionize audio content creation.

Top 8 Ai Voice Generators (Text to Speech)

We compiled a list of 16 absolute best Ai voice generators. Hopefully, you’ll find the one you like already with the first 3 providers!

1. ElevenLabs: Bridging Reality with AI Voice Cloning

Definitely my favorite one, so I included its voice over. It was able to perfectly replicate my own voice! Listen up!

ElevenLabs is heralded for its “scary good” AI voices, with its platform allowing users to clone their voice or generate new AI voices effortlessly. Through its VoiceLab, users can design voices by selecting attributes like gender, age, and accent. The voice cloning feature, requiring only a minute of audio, sets ElevenLabs apart from competitors requiring hours of audio.

ElevenLabs offers a range of plans from a Free Trial to an Enterprise solution. The Free Trial offers 10,000 characters per month, up to 3 custom voices, and 128kbps audio outputs.

For a dollar a month, the Starter plan ups the characters to 30,000 and custom voices to 10.

The Creator plan at $22/month offers 100,000 characters, 30 custom voices, and Professional Voice Cloning.

As needs grow, the Independent Publisher and Growing Business plans offer more characters and custom voices at $99 and $330 per month, respectively.

The Enterprise plan provides a tailored solution with custom quotas and priority access to features.

Despite its impressive voice quality, ElevenLabs does fall short in the control of speech nuances like pacing, pauses, and tone inflection. The platform is highly recommended for those seeking realistic voice generation for narration, voiceovers, or other voice work needs.

2. Murf AI: A Versatile Voice Generation Solution

Founded in October 2020 and based in Salt Lake City, Utah, Murf AI is engineered to address the burgeoning demand for user-friendly and advanced voice generators.

The platform boasts over 120 AI voice actors across 20 languages and accents, significantly easing the process of sourcing the perfect voice actor for projects.

Editing voiceovers on Murf AI is as simple as editing a script, with additional capabilities to adjust pitch, speed, and other voice attributes to achieve a human-like output.

Murf AI proves to be a reliable tool for content creators and professionals, offering high-quality voiceovers for a range of content including advertisements, explainer videos, YouTube videos, podcasts, and more. The advanced speech synthesis technology eliminates the need to hire voice actors or spend hours recording and editing audio.

Furthermore, the platform extends a user-friendly experience, providing ultimate control over voice customization. Users can highlight specific words for accurate pronunciation and emphasis, an indispensable feature for creating engaging audio content.

Additionally, Murf AI enriches the content creation process with a built-in media library stocked with stock images, footage, and music.

The platform reportedly offers a basic plan starting at $19 per month, a pro plan at $26 per month among other pricing tiers, catering to different user needs and budget capacities.

Murf AI’s innovative approach to voice generation makes it a go-to solution for high-quality audio content creation, setting a competitive standard in the AI voice generator market.

3. Lovo.ai‘s Genny: Elevating Voice Generation to New Heights

Lovo.ai’s Genny stands out in the realm of AI voice generation with its cutting-edge natural language processing technology, converting text into ultra-realistic speech. Boasting over 400 voices across 100+ languages, Genny is a treasure trove for those in need of diverse voiceovers.

The voice cloning feature is exceptional, requiring merely a minute of sample audio to generate a synthesized voice. Key features like emotion expression, speed control, and an intuitive editor make customizing voiceovers a breeze.

Genny shines in producing high-quality voiceovers for a myriad of applications – from YouTube videos, podcasts, and audiobooks to corporate training materials and advertisements. The platform’s user-friendly interface, coupled with a vast asset library, facilitates an end-to-end solution for creating engaging audio and video content.

Genny’s powerful yet easy-to-use tools save time and money, eliminating the need for professional voice actors while ensuring consistency and brand uniqueness in voiceovers.

4. Synthesys: Your Personal Gateway to Professional Voice Cloning

So, you’re looking for a way to make voices for your content? Videos are big online, and the right voice can make a big difference. But getting the perfect voice can be tricky. That’s where Synthesys might help.

What is Synthesys? At its heart, it’s a tool that changes text into voice. Just type what you want, and Synthesys makes it sound like someone is saying it. The cool part? It doesn’t sound robotic. It has many different voices, and they can speak in loads of languages!

If you want your voice to sound happy, sad, or anything in between, Synthesys lets you choose. And if you’re making a conversation, it can even have different voices talk to each other.

I tried it out, and it was pretty straightforward. The voices felt real, and you can tweak how they sound. And if you’re stuck, there’s a handy helper right in the tool.

Oh, and if you’re into videos, Synthesys has got you covered. You can pick characters to “talk” with your voice, add backgrounds, and much more. It’s like a mini movie studio!

But, it’s not all smooth sailing. If you’re new to this, there might be a bit of a learning curve. And sometimes, if you listen closely, you can tell the voices aren’t 100% human.

How much? There are different plans, so you can pick what fits your needs. And if you’re on the fence, they give you a week to try it and get your money back if it’s not for you.

In short, if you need voices (and maybe some video help), Synthesys could be a game-changer. Worth a look for anyone wanting to up their content game!

5. Kits AI Review: A Game-Changer for Musicians?

In the musical realm, a voice can be the soul of a composition. But what happens when technology allows us to tweak, transform, and even tailor-make voices? Enter Kits AI, a platform that seems to be striking the right chord with musicians everywhere.

What’s the buzz about? Kits AI isn’t just another voice generator. It’s designed with musicians in mind. Imagine having access to a whole library of voices, from famous artist vocals to those without any copyright issues. The range Kits AI offers is pretty impressive, making it a goldmine for those looking to add varied vocal flavors to their tracks.

Here’s a quick dive into its features:

  • AI Voice Library: It’s like having a vocal palette at your fingertips. From officially licensed artist voices to those free of royalties, the choice is vast.
  • Custom AI Voice Models: Fancy making a voice of your own? Kits AI lets you train and even share AI voice models using your own vocals. A truly unique touch!
  • Artist Collaboration: This is where things get exciting. You can work with artists and even use their official voice models in your music.
  • .pth File Support: For those tech-savvy folks, Kits AI supports .pth files, ensuring top-notch quality and easy sharing.

How can you use Kits AI?

  • Boost your vocals: Elevate your singing with a mix of AI voices.
  • Work together: Share your custom-made voice models and create music together with other artists.
  • Get inspired: Use voice models from popular artists to add a special touch to your tunes.

In a nutshell, Kits AI is shaping up to be a game-changer. For musicians eager to push their creative boundaries, this platform offers tools that were once the stuff of dreams. Whether you’re looking to mimic your favorite artist or craft a voice that’s uniquely yours, Kits AI seems to have the answer. For those in the music world, it might just be the next big thing!

6. Speechify Review: A Reader’s Best Audio Buddy?

In today’s fast-paced world, finding time to sit and read can be challenging. But what if you could simply listen to your reading materials while multitasking? Enter Speechify, a nifty app promising to turn your written content into natural-sounding audio.

At its core, Speechify is a text-to-speech tool. Whether it’s books, articles, or hefty documents, this app reads them out loud for you. The magic lies in its voice quality. It’s not the robotic monotone you might expect. Instead, you get a range of voices, both male and female, making the listening experience quite pleasant. And if you’re always on the move, the adjustable reading speed is a blessing!

But Speechify isn’t just a basic text-to-audio converter. It packs in some handy features. For instance, as you listen, you can highlight important sections – perfect for students or professionals. Stumbled upon a word you don’t recognize? The built-in dictionary has got your back.

Who’s it for?

Almost anyone can benefit. If reading is a challenge due to a learning disability or visual impairment, Speechify can be a game-changer. Students drowning in textbooks? Now they can ‘read’ while jogging or doing chores. Busy professionals can catch up with industry news on their commute. Essentially, if you’re someone who’d rather listen than read, this is for you.

Cost Factor

While there’s a free version, to unlock Speechify’s full potential, you’d need to go premium. Here’s a quick look:

  • Speechify Limited: It’s free! You get basic text-to-speech features, 10 standard reading voices, and up to 1x listening speed.
  • Speechify Premium: At $139/year, it’s feature-rich. Enjoy over 30 high-quality voices, 20+ languages, faster speeds, and tools like advanced skipping and note-taking.
  • Speechify Audiobooks: For $199/year, this is for book lovers. Get actor-narrated audiobooks, access to a vast library, and more.

In conclusion, if reading is a task you’d rather hear than do, Speechify seems like a sound choice. Whether it’s for accessibility, convenience, or just a preference for audio, this app might just be the audio companion you’ve been searching for.

7. Altered Studio: A Game-Changer for Creatives

Alright, diving into Altered Studio!

Ever thought about changing your voice just for fun or maybe for a creative project? That’s where Altered Studio comes in. It’s this cool voice editor that uses AI to turn your voice into, well, almost anything you can imagine.

How does it work? It’s pretty simple. You record your voice, pick a voice from their list or make a custom one, and bam! Altered Studio does its magic. And don’t stress about security; all of this happens right in your browser.

Now, you might be wondering, “What sets it apart from other voice editors?” Well, for starters, big names in the industry use it. Think about companies like Rebound Sound Company. If they trust it, there’s gotta be something good about it, right? Plus, the user experience is pretty smooth. They’ve got features that help customize your experience, like data analytics and social media stuff.

So, who’s it for? Honestly, anyone who uses their voice for stuff. Voice actors can try out different roles without tiring out their voice. If you make videos or podcasts, you can add some flair to your content. And if you’re in a media studio, this can be a game-changer for your projects.

But there’s always a catch, isn’t there? With Altered Studio, it’s the pricing. They’ve got plans for everyone, but the good stuff comes with a price tag. You can check out their site for the specifics. But hey, they do offer a free trial, so you can test the waters before diving in.

In a nutshell? If you’re into voice stuff, Altered Studio might just be your new best friend. It’s innovative and fun, and who knows? It might just give your content that edge you’ve been looking for. Give it a shot and see for yourself!

8. Speechelo: What’s All the Buzz About?

So, you’ve probably heard of Speechelo, right? It’s this tool that magically turns written words into spoken ones. Think of it as an AI-powered narrator for your content. But the real question on everyone’s mind is: Is it worth its price tag?

What Can You Do with Speechelo?

Simply put, Speechelo reads out text for you. Whether it’s your favorite book, an article, or even a script you’ve been working on, Speechelo’s got your back. And hey, if you’re a content creator on platforms like YouTube, you can use it for voiceovers without the hassle of recording your own voice or fiddling with complex software.

Now, this isn’t just a tool for content creators. People with reading challenges, like dyslexia or ADHD, find it super helpful. And for those of us who just prefer to listen while multitasking? It’s a game-changer.

Here’s a little heads up, though: There isn’t a free version. The full price sits at $97, but keep an eye out for those discounts! Sometimes, with a special coupon code, you can snag it for around $30.

What’s So Cool About Speechelo?

  1. Any Device, Anywhere: Since it’s cloud-based, you can use it on almost any gadget you have. So, whether you’re chilling at home or on the move, Speechelo is right there with you.
  2. Languages Galore: We’re talking over twenty language options here! And for each language, there are different voice styles to choose from.
  3. Jazz It Up: If you’re feeling fancy, add some background music to your voiceovers. It’s these little touches that make your content pop.
  4. Sounds Like a Real Person?: Speechelo tries to mimic human speech with natural pauses and breathing sounds. It’s these details that aim to give the voiceovers a more human touch.

But… Is It Perfect?

Well, nothing’s perfect, right? Some folks feel that despite the “breathing sounds”, not all the voices sound human enough. And yeah, the lack of a free version can be a bummer, especially if you’re on the fence about it. Also, if you’re picky about accents (like wanting a perfect Irish accent), you might find some room for improvement.


In the rapidly advancing world of AI and technology, choosing the right voice generator can feel overwhelming. But, as we’ve seen, there’s a wealth of options out there, each with its own strengths and quirks.

Whether you’re a content creator, a student, or just someone looking to make life a bit easier, there’s likely a perfect tool waiting for you. So, dive in, experiment, and find the one that resonates with your needs. Remember, the right voice can make all the difference in the world. Happy exploring! 😊

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