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Your Online Course, Live in Less Than 30 Days — Without Lifting a Finger!

Skip the Hassle. Launch Your Dream Course with Our All-In-One Service.

🖊️Entire course created for you

🚀Entire funnel set up

💰Lead magnets in place

📝Proofreading, editing, and fact-checking, everything

📕Landing pages set up

📖Entire website set up


On average, it takes 6-12 weeks to set everything up…

If you are familiar with what you are doing…

6 weeks, if you are tech savvy and already in course creation (experienced).

If not… it will take a week only to get through technicalities of a funnel. And at least 12 weeks to tie everything up.

So, why would you spend 3 months doing the guesswork, when…


How It Works?

You get 95% of the work done (the boring part).

Average course creator needs these skills

  1. Course Content Creation
  2. Technical Setup
  3. Web Design
  4. Marketing & Sales
  5. Video Production
  6. Market Research
  7. Copywriting
  8. Analytics & Optimization
  9. Funnel Strategy
  10. Ebook Writing (for lead magnets)

Instead of you doing all these things (because, let’s face it, you’d have to LEARN all the areas):

Let us save you time, mistakes, and nerves. We’ll lift your marketing to the next level, and help you start off the right foot.

Tech Overwhelm? Content Creation Chaos? Let’s Fix That.

Feels like you need a tech wizard and a clone to launch your course, right?

Well, exhale.

You’ve got the idea; we’ve got the digital toolkit and the know-how.

Say goodbye to puzzling over plugins, wrestling with web design, or getting tongue-tied over your content.

We do the heavy lifting.💪

We’re crafting your course content with the precision of a Swiss watch and the creativity of a Cannes-winning director. Your ideas, your voice, your brand — all shining through, no compromise.

Ever feel like tech’s a foreign language? Consider us your universal translator. Payment gateways, email sequences, landing pages that convert like crazy — they’re all in a day’s work for our team.

And content?

Forget about staring at a blank screen or fretting over a script.

Our word wizards are on deck, spinning knowledge into engaging lessons, can’t-put-down workbooks, and all the engaging extras that make your course a must-click.

The result?🎉

A course that looks and feels like you (on a really good day), sells like hotcakes, and most importantly, transforms your students.

You stay in your genius zone; we handle the rest. Let’s get your digital product journey started!

What’s included?

Course creation + Entire Website & Funnel Setup

Entire website with fundamental pages (privacy policy, refund policy, contact us, about us)
☑ 2 Landing pages (one for course, one for the book)
Course skeleton (outline)
Course script written
Video lessons recorded
☑ Up to 10 modules (1h:30m+ of material)
☑ Presentation and instructor based lectures
☑ Up to 20.000 words of content
Payment gateway integration
Connection to sales page
Funnel setup with one upsell offer
Copy provided by us


4 payments of $1199



☑ Email marketing connected with forms
☑ 10 days email sequence
☑ Entire business plan with upsells, cross-sells and downsells
☑ Google analytics and Facebook pixel integration
☑ Lead magnet (book, or a checklist, done by us)

We work with you and follow your preferences to make sure you are 100% satisfied with the process.

Got a question? Reach out!

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Technical Setup Made Simple

Ditch the digital distress and embrace simplicity with our technical wizards by your side. Our team takes on the tech so you don’t have to, ensuring every digital cog and wheel is perfectly in place for your course to run smoothly.

What we handle for you:

Hosting & Domain Setup: We lay the foundation for your online presence, ensuring your course has a reliable home and a professional domain.

Platform Integration: Whether it’s integrating with WordPress, Teachable, or any other platform, we handle all the backend work so your course platform is robust and ready for enrollments.

Payment Processing: We link your course with secure payment gateways like Stripe or PayPal, making transactions seamless and stress-free for you and your customers.

Email Automation: Stay connected with your audience through automated email sequences that engage, inform, and convert.

Ready to launch without the tech tangle? Let’s make it happen.

Discover Effortless Course Creation

Break free from the complexities of DIY course building.

Creating an online course should be exciting, not exhausting. You’ve got the expertise and the vision—what you need is a path to bring them to life without getting tangled in the details. That’s where we come in.

Our end-to-end course creation service is designed to take your unique idea and package it into a polished, professional online course that resonates with your audience and scales your impact.

✔️Streamlined Process: From brainstorming to launching, we guide you through a seamless process, ensuring each step is clear, manageable, and aligned with your vision.

✔️Customized Content Creation: Your course content will be custom-crafted to engage your audience, with each module designed to deliver value and drive learners to action.

✔️Hands-Free Automation: Our technical team sets up all the necessary tools and automations, so your course works for you around the clock, even while you sleep.

✔️Quality Assurance: Every aspect of your course, from the videos to the quizzes, is checked for quality to ensure your students have a smooth and enriching learning experience.

✔️Personalized Support: You’ll have a dedicated team to support you throughout the course creation journey, answering questions and providing insights to make your course a standout success.

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🎁Bonus: One-on-one consultations

🕸️No experience needed

💬Let ads earn passive income for you

FAQ (click to expand)

Which platforms can you use to create my course?

We’re well-versed in an array of leading course platforms, including:
WordPress enhanced with the LearnDash plugin (RECOMMENDED)

What additional tools will I need for my course?

Beyond the course platform, you’ll likely require an email marketing tool, for which we recommend Sendinblue, as the most stable, budget friendly option.

A payment gateway such as Stripe or PayPal is essential for processing transactions.

What are the ongoing expenses associated with running my course?

As for our services, there are no continuous charges. In case you decide to go with WordPress (which we recommend), there will be no costs. Otherwise, going with platforms that offer all in one solution might cost additionally. Your primary recurring costs in those cases will be the subscription fees for the course platform and any supplementary tools. However, no costs are necessary.

Will I be able to manage my course after you build it?

Absolutely. We include a comprehensive course handover, along with training to ensure you’re equipped to manage and maintain your course confidently.

Do I need to provide the copy for my course?

Not at all. While we do encourage collaboration to capture your unique voice, our team includes expert copywriters who can craft compelling copy for your course, from landing pages to email sequences.

Should my website be ready before we start course construction?

No pre-existing website is needed. If you’re inclined towards a WordPress solution with LearnDash, just ensure you have web hosting ready. Remember, it must be with a third-party host, not A domain or subdomain is necessary, regardless of the platform, and we can offer guidance on securing both domain and hosting solutions.

How quickly can you complete my course?

We aim for a swift turnaround, usually within 4 weeks, depending on the chosen package and the promptness of your input, particularly when it comes to content specifics.

Do you provide marketing services for my course?

While direct marketing services aren’t included in our packages, we do offer valuable advice on how to effectively market your course, ensuring you’re ready to hit the ground running.
For further inquiries or to schedule a complimentary 15-minute consultation, reach out to me at [email protected]. Let’s get your course aspirations off the ground!